#dnug45 im darmstadtium
Was für eine Konferenz! Zwei intensive Tage voller Collaboration and Cognitive Solutions Highlights. Vielen Dank an alle Teilnehmer, Sprecher und Sponsoren - ihr habt die #dnug45 zu einem erkenntnis- und begegnungsreichen Erlebnis werden lassen.

Die Präsentationen der Konferenzvorträge werden auf sessions.dnug.de veröffentlicht.

#dnug46 vom 4. bis 6. Juni 2019!

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OnTime by IntraVision

OnTime by IntraVision
Wasting valuable time trying to find and coordinate with your colleagues within your organisation? 

Time is money... 
Surveys show that valuable time is wasted every day, locating and coordinating resources internally in all size of organisations. Making the time you spend more structured inside your organisation is at the essence when competing in the modern market place. 

With OnTime® Group Calendar you do not only have your ordinary team calendar view, but also a full scheduling system, enabling you to be more productive with your time. 

Find and allocate your resources the quickest way.. 
With OnTime® you have all your contacts in the organisation at your fingertips, making it easier for you to find and utilize your organisations resources across departments, locations or even continents. 

Always available anywhere, anytime... 
In a todays world, it is crucial you are able to find and coordinate with your colleagues - even when you are on the road. OnTime® provides you with a versatile scheduling solution giving your mobile users full scheduling power. 

Fast, scalable & flexible.. 
OnTime® delivers real-time data for small and large organisations and supporting all your normal access rights within youri IBM environment whether it is on premises or in the cloud.