#dnug45 im darmstadtium
Was für eine Konferenz! Zwei intensive Tage voller Collaboration and Cognitive Solutions Highlights. Vielen Dank an alle Teilnehmer, Sprecher und Sponsoren - ihr habt die #dnug45 zu einem erkenntnis- und begegnungsreichen Erlebnis werden lassen.

Die Präsentationen der Konferenzvorträge werden auf sessions.dnug.de veröffentlicht.

#dnug46 vom 4. bis 6. Juni 2019!

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Simon Vaughan

AppFusions' Chief Football Officer
AppFusions' Chief Football Officer :) as long as #Liverpool is winning! More seriously, Simon is a favorite in the ICS ecosystem, having been an IBM Champion since 2011, and a board member of the popular SocialConnections conference that is held twice annually, in the US and EU. For AppFusions, Simon is a key member of the AppFusions product team - from product management to solution consulting to customer concierge and everything in between. Initially Simon was drawn to AppFusions by the AppSpokes integrations solutions, but now he's unstoppable on everything-AlohaDXP. Given his extensive past field experiences, he knows better that anyone about how AlohaDXP was needed - errr, yesterday, already.